Asseco CBP. Future of banking creating today.


Asseco Customer Banking Platform is a unique solution for online and mobile banking designed for the modern customer of the bank - its individual needs and preferences.


Based on an innovative ecosystem of mini-applications, Asseco CBP allows for easy and extremely fast development of banking products and services to be offered to customers via the platform of online and mobile banking, both at the same time.


Banks now face the challenge of satisfying diverse and often contradictory needs of their clients-users.


Why implement Asseco CBP ?

Innovative, responsive, mobile

An innovative approach to designing the look of the system: from the smartphone via tablet to your computer. One interface for all devices.

Direct and fast

The fastest way to present new financial offers to customers across all channels, without creating complex applications.

Tailored to your needs

User-client of the system may select and configure an individual set of mini-applications to match his or her exact needs.