Asseco CBP. Benefits for banks.

  • Increased efficiency

    Asseco CBP creates an omnichannel environment for the provision of banking products and services. The bank can boost its operational efficiency by implementing a client self-service approach to complex banking products, which used to be the exclusive domain of bank branches.
    As customers are involved in the service, the bank’s operational processes can be optimized and automated, contributing to further efficiency increases across the entire organization.

  • Improved quality of Customer Experience

    Asseco CBP provides banks with unlimited possibilities of offering their products and services through online and mobile channels simultaneously. All banking functions, such as reviewing of accounts, money transfers, financial management, etc., can be arranged in the form of mini-applications to be presented in a variety of ways and provided in parallel to particular segments of customers, while matching their preferences and specific needs. Asseco CBP does not impose the manner in which the bank should serve its users-clients.

    Asseco CBP enables the bank to treat each of its users-clients individually.

  • Short time-to-market

    Thanks to the concept of mini-applications and open architecture of the platform, Asseco CBP makes it possible to significantly reduce the time required to prepare new products and services and make them available to the bank’s clients. Furthermore, the system of mini-applications applied in Asseco CBP offers unlimited possibilities to choose their providers. Mini-applications can be developed concurrently by independent teams of the bank’s own specialists or external vendors. Additional mini-applications can be incorporated into Asseco CBP at any time and without having to power down the system.

    During the implementation phase, the access to new mini-applications can be limited to a specially selected group of users-clients for testing purposes. Thus, Asseco CBP allows for the most flexible and secure implementation of modifications in the e-banking system.

  • Multi-entity, Multi-branding

    Asseco CBP is equipped with mechanisms for the implementation of client-specific branding, which can be particularly useful for financial institutions that apply diversified brands. The system design provides logical support for multiple banks in one physical instance of the system, ensuring the possibility to configure different sets of mini-applications dedicated to individual banks, as well as diverse visual layouts. This feature also enables the outsourcing of services, which can be implemented by both the software vendor and the bank in relation to its subordinate organizational units.

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